Big Sur Taphouse

47520 Highway One, Big Sur, California
Open Daily
Phone: 831-667-2225

Things to Eat

Marinated Olives
Country blend of black and green olives with
pits, marinated with garlic, peppers, vinegar
and spices. -5

Toasted french baguette seasoned with olive oil
and garlic then smeared with humboldt fog and
topped with diced tomatoes and basil. -7

Taphouse Tacos
Your choice of three of our housemade tacos.
Choose from carnitas, asada or pollo with
shredded jack and salsa on a corn tortilla. -10

Charcuterie Platter
A selection of fine italian meats served with
cornichons, garlic crostini and enough
unfiltered extra virgin olive oil to drizzle. -15

Blue Chips N' Salsa
Tortilla chips served with our duo of salsas.
Freshly prepared salsa fresca and our spicy
roasted garlic salsa. -5

BBQ Pork Sliders
Three sliders with hand pulled BBQ pork served
on mini buns and topped with crunchy
garlic coleslaw. -10

Red Hot Wings
Half dozen hot wings tossed in Frank's Red Hot
sauce. Served with sticks of celery and
ranch and blue cheese for dipping. -8

Artisan Cheese Platter
A wonderful selection of cheeses from all over
the world. Served with local honey, fresh apples
and garlic crostini. -15

Additional items may be ordered from the deli.